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Magnetic Stirrers

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MS-3000 Magnetic stirrer (150-3000r.p.m.)
MS-3000 is a compact magnetic stirrer with the stainless steel working surface. It provides liquid stirring with the rotation speed of magnetic element up to 3000 RPM. Strong magnets hold the driven magnetic element firmly in the magnetic clutch.
MS-3000 stirs without undesirable heat and noise. It is an ideal instrument for PH-metering, extraction and dialyzing with the small quantities of substances.
-Operation with magnetic stirring elements of length 20-30 mm;
-Cylinder-shape magnetic stirring element (6x25 mm) for universal use, encapsulated in PTFE enclosed.
Speed range 0-3000 RPM
Stirring volume up to 2 l
Working plate Stainless steel
Working plate size 110x110 mm
External power supply DC 12V, 300mA
Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 120x150x65 mm
MSH-300 Magnetic stirrer with heating (250-1250 rpm)
Magnetic stirrer MSH-300 is designed for simultaneous mixing and heating of chemical reagent solutions.
Massive heating plate of aluminum provides even heat transfer to the working surface and stable temperature maintenance.
(Attention! Alkali can damage aluminium surfaces)
Convenient and easy to use magnetic stirrer with heating for routine procedures in organic synthesis, environmental laboratories, and general type laboratory work.
-Operation with magnetic stirring elements of length 20-30 mm;
-Cylinder-shape magnetic stirring element (6x25 mm) for universal use, encapsulated in PTFE enclosed.
Speed range 250-1250 RPM
Stirring volume up to 2 l
Temperature range +30 ... +330°C
Working plate heating till 330°C takes 20 min
Continuous operation max. 12 hrs
Power 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumed power (mixing mode) 8.5 W
Consumed power (heating mode) 600 W
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 170x210x95 mm
Working plate size 150x150 mm
MM-1000 Overhead stirrer (no stirrers included)
Overhead Stirrer Multi Muxer MM-1000 (Bioforma design) is designed for stirring liquids up to 20 liters.
Quiet and reliable mixer that can provide stable continuous mixing up to 7 daynights.
It is an ideal instrument for biotechnology, organic synthesis, analytical laboratories.
The innovative combination of three motion types provides high level of homogeneity due to consecutive combination of laminar and turbulent flows that cause substances to dissolve faster.
It can realize three types of motion:
1) Rotational;
2) Reciprocal;
3) Vibration.
MM-1000 perform:
- separate (mono) (1,2,3);
- consecutive binary cycles (c) (1-2) x c, (1-3) x c and (2-3) x c;
- complex tri-cycles (1-2-3) x c.
Speed, angle and time of stirrer rotation is under microprocessor control. Multi-mixer can be used for stirring solutions up to the "medium viscosity" range.
Electrically safe and energy efficient - powered by
external AC/AC power supply (220V/12V,830 mA).
Speed regulation range 40 - 1000 RPM
Time 0 - 250 sec
Reciprocal motion
Turning angle 0° - 360° (increment 30°)
Time 0 - 250 sec
Vibro motion
Turning angle 0° - 5° (increment 1°)
Time 0 - 5 sec
General timer of device operation 0-96 hrs (increment 1 min)
External power supply AC 12V, 830mA
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 135x400x250 mm

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