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SpringEdition Newsletter 2023
21 March 2023
Saveen & Werner Spring Edition Newsletter with lots of news and good offers!


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Why Corning?
19 Maj 2023

Why Corning?

Walk into any leading life science lab, and you’ll see Corning at work. From innovative technology, to precision manufacturing, to expert scientific support, watch this video to discover how Corning’s unique capabilities are fueling discovery.


YouTube video!

Precellys 24 Touch
15 December 2021

Precellys 24 Touch: the new born of the tissue homogenizers range


Bertin Instruments launches the Precellys 24 Touch, a new intuitive tissue homogenizer to prepare any kind of biological sample, from the softest to the hardest, regardless of its origin (animal tissues, plant tissues, microorganisms…).


Bertin’s team lead wire for the development of this instrument has been to consider and integrate all the feedback collected from the customers.


The objectives were:

– to bring innovation to the Precellys 24 that was getting old-fashioned in terms of design and interface,

– to be more competitive in terms of pricing,

– to have a more comprehensive range of homogenizers reinforcing the middle of the range.


And most of all, to maintain the level of satisfaction of the Precellys users thanks to the key points that made the fame of Precellys 24: ease-of-use, robustness and efficiency.


Precellys 24 Touch can treat up to 24 samples at a time and has been validated on more than 1,500 different samples: from brain, muscle and heart samples, to very hard material such as bones, hair and seeds.


Its intuitive touchscreen interface makes it really easy to use.


Thanks to its exclusive vacuum-based tube locking system and its specific design, Precellys 24 Touch is compliant with safety requirements of the harshest lab environments, such as BSL3.


With its powerful figure-8 multi-directional motion, it provides high energy to the beads contained in the tubes, allowing the homogenization of up to 24 samples in a few seconds (~30 sec) at speeds ranging from 4000 to 6800 rpm.


Samples can then be processed for further analysis amongst a wide variety of techniques dedicated to DNA/RNA (PCR, electrophoresis, NGS, chips, etc.), protein (blotting, mass spectrometry, etc.), or metabolites analyses (chromatography, etc.).


With the launch of Precellys 24 Touch Bertin now offers a complete and legible range of tissue homogenizers, with Minilys, Precellys 24 Touch and Precellys Evolution.

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