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Multiparameter handheld Liquiline Mobile CML18 SET4


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"Liquiline Mobile CML18 with M12-USB cable, pH sensor CPL51E, 1,5 m CKY20 Memosens sensor cable and carrying bag

The mobile multiparameter handheld Liquiline Mobile CML18 enables you to check any measuring point in your plant with Memosens sensors via inductive coupling. Using the identical sensor technology as already installed at your measuring points guarantees full data consistency between your measurements. Via uniquely secure Bluetooth connection you can transfer all sensor data and measured values to your tablet or smartphone which makes documentation, sensor adjustment and data transfer safe and easy.

Liquiline Mobile CML18 is a multiparameter handheld for the measurement of: pH & temperature, Conductivity & temperature, Oxygen & temperature. "



Key Features/Benefits

  • "Easy operation: use your existing tablets and smartphones for operation and commissioning.
  • Benefit from all the advantages of Memosens technology: Memosens sensors offer you the safest data transmission, the highest measured value availability and total ease of use.
  • Trust your measured values: using the same technology for process, laboratory and grab sample measurements provides you with full consistency.
  • Simplify your daily work: plug & play with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors enables you to rapidly change from one parameter to another.
  • Use it as a data logger: save more than 10,000 measured values with time, date and sample ID stamp.
  • Take it where you need it: flexible use wherever it is needed, from the laboratory to the process. With its small and handy design it fits in any pocket.
  • Recharge it: you can easily recharge it with the USB-data cable/charger cable or an inductive pad (not included)."
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